The new ActiClean self-cleaning Toilet from American Standard is a new innovation that makes life easier and better. The ActiClean is a self-cleaning toilet that cleans and removes tough stains just by pressing a button.

The self-cleaning toilet is made possible by a combination of a fully integrated self-cleaning system and Vormax flushing technology. VorMax flush technology is a powerful water jet that thoroughly scrubs the whole bowl and eliminates everything it comes in contact with to give a clean flush. The ActiClean self-cleaning toilet is easy to operate, it is done just by pressing a button.


  • The Acticlean self-cleaning toilet features Deep Clean and Quick Clean as its cleaning cycles.
  • The Quick Clean Cycle cleans the toilet bowl in one minute.
  • The Deep Clean Cycle cleans the inside of the toilet bowl completely and thoroughly in 10 minutes.
  • It has a Triple Power Cleaning Action that includes VorMax Jetted Scrub, ActiClean Toilet Cleaning Solution, and Smooth CleanCurve Rim that cleans and removes tough stains even under the rim.
  • CleanCurve Rim eliminates the dirt in the rim cavity.
  • It has an antimicrobial EverClean surface that prevents the growth of bacteria that causes odor.
  • The system is powered by 4AA batteries that can last up to 1 year.
  • It has a cleaning cartridge that is located on the toilet tank top which can last up to 9 weeks and it is easy to access.
  • The slow-close plastic seat features anti-slip bumpers that hold the seat firm and a release button which enables the seat to be removed for fast and easy cleaning.
  • The handle is Chrome-plated.
  • The installation is easy. Every part of the toilet can be installed using hand by tightening.
  • The warranty is Lifetime on chinaware, the mechanical parts have 10 years warranty, the seat has a 1-year warranty, and the electronics have 1 year.
  • It also features a child lock function which can be activated by simply pressing down the Quick and Deep Clean buttons together for 3 seconds and it can be deactivated by pressing the two buttons together for 3 seconds.


This is the acticlean self cleaning toilet cartridgeWhen a cleaning cycle is selected by the user, the cleaning solution will be apportioned by the ActiClean system into the bowl. The water from the tank then mixes with the cleaning solution which travels through the blow channel which is released into the bowl.

The cleaner combines with the powerful VorMax jetted force that enables the cleaner to completely scour the entire bowl surface, cleaning it from top to bottom while giving off a fresh scent. The cleaner soaks in the bowl for a given amount of time.

At the end of the soaking time, the system automatically switches to the rinse cycle; at this point, it siphons the cleaning agent and rinses the bowl. The result is a clean toilet bowl with a nice scent.

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Selecting the Right Air Conditioner Filters

Air conditioning filters play a major role in sustaining the efficiency of your appliances and keeping away respiratory diseases. The demand for high-efficient filters on air handling appliances is daily on the increase. This increase in demand creates more confusion as a result of more options available in the market.
Major health issues people suffer today result from indoor pollution. Statistics show that more than ever before, the average person spends more time indoors. The good news is there are products available to purify and increase your indoor air quality.

There are a few things to know with respect to selecting the right filters for our air handling appliances. We’ll start with common acronyms related to air conditioners.

  • HVAC- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning: this acronym refers to both the air handling systems and the professionals that manage the repairs or replacement of the systems.
  • HEPA- High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter: these filters are used almost everywhere from coffeemakers to air conditioners. These filters are designed to extract the smallest particles.
  • MERV- Minimum Efficiency reporting Value: ratings found on air filters to indicate its effectiveness. The lowest and highest ratings are 1 and 16 respectively.
  • SEER- Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: ratings found on each appliance to indicate its energy efficiency as compared to other appliances of its kind.
  • LEED- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: an organization that recommends a minimum of MERV 8 rated filters.
  • ASHRAE- American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers: they recommend a MERV 6 or higher rated air filter.

Different categories of air conditioner filters from various dealers are available. Making the right choice of filters and regular maintenance will help your appliance work efficiently and save you money.

Standard panel filters made from fiberglass are very affordable. The drawback of this filter is that they offer no protection to you or to your appliance. This ancient filter needs to be changed frequently and it is probably a MERV 1 or 2 rated filter.

Another category of filters is electrostatic filters. They can be cleaned and recycled repeatedly. They clog easily and therefore require regular maintenance. Its efficiency is no greater than that of fiberglass filters.

A better category of filters to invest in would be pleated surface filters. They are durable and thicker than other filters. They cannot be fixed without a professional’s help as changes needs to be made to your air conditioning system to accommodate the thicker filters.

The electronic air filters are considered exceptionally efficient. They are custom made, relatively expensive and needs to be fitted by a professional. They require frequent maintenance and can also run up your energy bills.

If you’ve been using filters of low-efficiency rates, a MERV 6 rating would be a good start as recommended by ASHRAE. The US Dept. of Energy, however, advocates the use of minimum MERV 13 rated filters.

You should consider replacing your appliance to one that uses HEPAs If health issues like allergies or asthma are a major concern.

Air Conditioning Filters extract dust and other irrespirable (unfit for breathing) elements from the air and present the circulating air clean and breathable. Besides cooling, air conditioning units have great medical benefits for your homes or offices, and if not carefully managed, can create health hazards for you, your family and workplace occupants. Your air handling unit needs a high-quality air conditioning filters to cleanse constantly the surrounding air and make it free of pollutants otherwise known as irrespirable particles. You may notice these particles settle on your sofa or coffee table. These irrespirable particles accumulate in the lungs. Once inhaled, may cause serious respiratory disorders. The filters positioned lengthwise on the grill of the air conditioner, serve as the last unit the air passes through to sift out these minuscule particles and release both visibly cleaner air and a toxin-free atmosphere to your room.

The importance of purifying your air is obvious, when you realize that the average person breathes in 1.5 million dust particles a day. This statistics claim that the air in most homes is more impure than the open air. This possibly results from the inability of air inside our homes to diffuse its contaminants.

Air Conditioning Filters ImageClean Air Conditioning filters are crucial to your conditioning systems (and other air handling systems) and ultimately, your health. If they clog or wear out, your air conditioning unit can’t run correctly. Dust particles and dirt can build on your air filters and decrease your air conditioner’s performance. If your dusty filters contain elements harboring molds or microbes, depending on type(s) of microbes, you, your family, and office occupants may at its mildest, experience allergenic problems. The lack of maintenance creates a possibility for malfunction or reduces your unit’s lifespan. Your utility bills run high and you eventually spend more when you procrastinate or completely neglect your unit’s maintenance. Regular maintenance will improve your system’s efficiency and the air quality from your appliance.

Everyday activities Effect on Air Quality and Air Conditioning Filters

Everyday activities in your home may generate a form of indoor air pollution. Activities such as cooking, dusting and cleaning, or playing with your pet can lower the air quality of your home and cause health concerns for you. In no time, pollutants such as mold, pet dander, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can collect in your home, reducing the quality of the air you inhale and presents a big health risk to everyone resident especially children and older people. Residents in such homes might experience illnesses ranging from minor eye, ear or throat irritation to severe respiratory infections. Continuously observing the air quality from filters in your home cannot, therefore, be overemphasized.

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Most people don’t think about the plumbing in their home until there is a problem. This Article is specifically about clogs. Clogged toilets and sinks are one of the most common plumbing problems that can be avoided. What you rinse down your sink or flush down your toilet has a direct impact on your plumbing system. This will be a good guide as to what NOT to flush down your toilet and rinse down your sink.
Clogged Drain PipeOils, grease and fats from cooking are a big problem when they are allowed to go down your sink drain. Grease sticks to the insides of sewer pipes (both on your property and in the streets). Over time, the grease can build up and block the entire pipe. Some people believe that chasing the oils down the drain with hot water will prevent such problems, but it doesn’t. The hot water only assists the oily product further down the drain before it solidifies. The solidified grease and oil can easily plug up and clog plumbing.
There are many items that should never be flushed down your toilet because they can potentially cause backups, flooding, and contamination. The only paper that should ever be put in the toilet is toilet paper, even paper products like facial tissues and paper towels can cause a buildup resulting in blockages and possibly sewer backup. Any kind of wipe (baby wipes, hand wipes, cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene wipes, antibacterial wipes) should never be flushed. Many wipes say biodegradable or even flushable, but are not. Never flush any feminine hygiene product down the toilet. They are notorious for clogging up pipes and creating problems for sewage pumps. Many of these products claim to be biodegradable, but that still does not mean they should be disposed of down the toilet because they don’t break down quickly enough in your plumbing system. Dental floss, cotton swabs, cotton balls and hair will cause problems also, so basically just toilet paper and you will save time and money in the long run.