Plumbing Services

  • Water Heaters
  • Back Flow Testing
  • Toilets, Showers & Tubs
  • Pipeline Repair
  • Pipe Line Replacement
  • Video Pipe Inspection
  • Irragation Systems
  • Faucets & Sinks
  • Trenchless Pipe
  • Hydro Jet Plumbing
  • Sump Pump
  • Sewer Line Cleanout
  • Sewer Line Replacement
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Fixtures Replacement
  • Septic Systems
  • Dishwashers
  • Well Water Systems
  • Sewer Gas Smell
  • Swimming Pool Plumbing
  • Gas Lines
  • Green Plumbing
  • Water Filters
  • Grease Traps

Water Heaters

At ASAP we offer water heater repairs and water heater installation, in addition to the many other services. Whether it is a repair or an install, we cover a wide range of water heaters including traditional tank water heaters and the more modern tankless water heaters which have become popular products in today’s economy because they conserve energy and save you money. Whatever your hot water system needs are, whether it is repairing your existing water heater or replacing it with a new one, ASAP is here for you and will come out to your home or business and give you expert advice to help you with your hot water needs.

Backflow Testing

Annual backflow testing ensures only clean, potable water is flowing through your plumbing into your home or business. There are several different kinds of backflow preventer devices used. Our technicians are familiar with all the different kinds of backflow preventers. No matter what kind of device you are using in your home or business, we can handle all of your backflow testing, repair, maintenance and replacement if needed.

Commercial property should have an annual backflow test conducted by our certified backflow testing experts. It’s also a good idea for private homes to periodically have backflow testing conducted. This is especially needed in older homes which most times do not have an adequate backflow preventer installed.

Toilets, Showers and Tubs

When it comes to your bathroom you need the best plumbing service available. A leaky faucet, broken shower head or other bathroom malfunction can cause major damage to your home.
If you are remodeling your bathroom we work with all the major brands and models for efficient and trustworthy plumbing. Our expert plumbers can recommend the most cost-effective tub, shower design, and vanity installation for your home. If you are looking to update an old bathroom we can also help with shower arm and tub replacements to keep your restroom in excellent condition.

Pipe Line Repair

We can help solve any problems you have with your pipes. One of the biggest plumbing issues we see here in South West Florida homeowners facing today are leaks in their water lines. Leaks can develop slowly and without warning and cause extensive water damage to your home, contribute to hidden mold damage, and add up to a very expensive water bill.

Sometimes the sound of water running or wet spot may clue you in to a hidden leak. However, often the only warning sign is an unusually high water bill. If you notice anything unusual with your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Video Pipe Inspection

ASAP Contractors now have the latest in plumbing technology; we have the Gen-eye Video Pipe Inspection Location System. This system features a small camera that is attached to a cable and threaded into your plumbing system to see exactly what the problem is. This revolutionary tool will allow us to find a problem without having to dig up your yard or foundation trying to guess what and where the problem is located. We can see on a monitor exactly what is going on in your pipes.

The Gen-Eye System will save you time and labor and takes the guess work out of difficult to diagnose plumbing problems. We will know exactly where the problems is and how deep to dig, this will help us solve the problem faster and more efficiently. While this system doesn’t need to be used for all problems, it is irreplaceable when faced with a complex plumbing problem with no obvious cause. We at ASAP Contractors care about our customers and we want to solve your plumbing problems professionally and quickly as we can. The Gen-Eye Video Pipe Inspection Location System will save you money and get your plumbing back to working the way it should.

Pipeline Replacement

All the plumbing pipes in your home or business were not made to last forever, time will eventually take its toll and then you will need to have all your pipes replaced. Re-piping is the process of replacing the pipes with new pipes. Although no one looks forward to this it will have to be done at some point, the older your home or business gets.

Some of the signs you can look for that can help you determine when it is time to re-pipe your plumbing system may be low water pressure, rusty colored water, particles in your water, an odd taste or odor coming from your water and leaking pipes. If you notice any of these signs then it may be time to think about re-piping your plumbing system. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your pipes begin to leak causing extensive damage to your home or business. Give ASAP a call today and let us inspect your pipes for you, in order to help you determine what we can do to help you prevent a small problem from turning into a big expensive one.

Irrigation Systems

The summer shouldn't be spent doing yard work, worrying about water bills or untangling a hose. This is why many homeowners are installing lawn irrigation systems to help save on time and money. When properly installed and utilized, lawn irrigation systems are effective at conserving water. Summer used to be the time of high water bills due to the constant struggle to keep a lawn looking green and healthy. With an installed irrigation system, a homeowner can expect a lower, steady bill with no surprises. Irrigation systems will save water by turning on and off at a consistent time, and because they target the roots of a lawn the amount of run-off is kept to a minimum. Once installed, irrigation systems can be programmed to effectively water and sustain a healthy looking lawn. We can also service your existing irrigation system to keep it running at peak efficiency.

Faucets & Sinks

We can help you remodel your kitchen or bathroom with a new faucet and sink. A new faucet can help conserve water and cut down on your water bill. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from. Update your kitchen or bathroom with help from the professionals at ASAP.

Trenchless Pipe

How long a sewer pipe will last depends on various factors, but if your sewer is 40 years old, it may need replacing. Even if your home is new, its plumbing might be connected to an older pipe. Trenchless methods came on the market for residential homes about 10 to 15 years ago, but many consumers are still unaware that they're an option. In many cases, going trenchless can save you money, including the majority of situations where homeowners are responsible for the condition of the sewer line to its connection with the sewer main. Trenchless also causes less disruption of your yard and landscaping.

Hydro Jet Plumbing

Hydro jetting is a technology that uses high water pressure to clear away years of build up. Unlike typical snaking or rooting, hydro jetters will completely clear away obstruction sticking on the walls of the pipeline clearing away blockage and backflow. Hydro Jetting is used to remove or clear away the most stubborn blockage that a typical snake or rooter is no able to. Unlike rooting or cabling, this state of the art machinery is designed to blast away build up residing in the pipelines. Using up to 3,800 PSI at 15-18 gallons per minute it pressure washes the pipe thoroughly clearing away grease, roots, or any obstruction allowing larger pathway for the water to flow.

Sump Pump

Flooded basements are a serious problem, damaging flooring, walls, and sentimental items. Afterwards you’re left to clean up the mess, a process that can take months and costs $1000’s. The only real solution is prevention and that’s where a sump pump comes in. A sump pump is an electrical pump that sits in a hole below your foundation. When it rains, a sump pump will move all the water that makes its way under your foundation out before it can rise to the level of your floor and flood your house. It does this task automatically; it starts to pump as soon as it detects water. Whether your sump pump doesn’t work properly or you need a new one installed for the first time, you can count on ASAP to provide you with the best quality service and workmanship.

Sewer Line Clean Out

A sewer line clean out is a vertical pipe with one end of the pipe connected to the sewer line that runs underground connecting your home or business to the public sewer line. The other end of the vertical pipe comes up to the ground surface where it has a cap on it. This cap can be removed allowing easy access to the buildings sewer line for the purpose of sewer line maintenance. It also is used as a way to locate the buildings’ sewer line; in case you have an emergency and you need quick access to the sewer line in order to prevent the sewer from backing up into your building. If the building’s main drain clogs up or overflows, you can go outside to the sewer line clean out and remove the cap to release the water and help prevent it from backing up into the building. The capped end should remain visible on the grounds’ surface and not be obstructed by anything that would make it inaccessible when you need quick access.

There are several benefits to having a sewer line clean out installed. The biggest benefit is that it provides an access point that allows you or your plumber to rotary clean or jet clean the main sewer drain from the outside of the building. Having a sewer line clean out installed outside a structure provides a better location to perform a cleaning of the sewer line rather than pulling your toilet and because of this it saves you money if you are hiring a plumber to complete this task. The sewer line clean out also can be used to test that all the sinks and drains are working properly by a visual inspection through the clean out pipe. We recommend that everyone install a sewer line clean out so they can keep up with their plumbing maintenance, save money and help prevent floods.

Sewer Line Replacement

Traditionally sewer lines are replaced by digging up the old line from where it exits your home, across the yard to where it ties into the City sewer. Depending on how deep the sewer is, this can be a complicated mess. Today, technology is available that is known as trenchless sewer line replacement, which eliminates the need to dig up your yard. All that is required is a hole where the sewer exists or, sometimes, this can be done from inside your house in the basement. Another hole would be where it ties into the City sewer. The rest of the yard is left untouched.

Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. Although it is hidden under the counter the device helps to make food preparation and cleanup convenient plus it helps the environment. The garbage disposal is attached to the underside of a kitchen sink drain. It collects and grinds food scraps, which are forced down your drain with a heavy flow of water. The water from your dishwasher drain also runs through the garbage disposal, enabling large chunks of food to be ground up and drained away. Call ASAP to have a garbage disposal installed or an older disposal replaced.

Fixtures Replacement

ASAP can help with renovating your bathroom or kitchen by offering you a wide variety of fixtures in every style to compliment the new look of your bathroom or kitchen. We carry all the major brands and we can order whatever you want to fit in with your renovation. We can replace your existing fixtures with more efficient and stylish ones. We always do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

Septic Systems

We have the expertise needed to troubleshoot your septic system and advise you of any necessary repairs. Every repair project begins with an accurate evaluation of the problem. You can trust us to get to the bottom of the issue and come up with the best solution. We use only the best materials in the industry and we can get your system working properly again. ASAP always guarantees your complete satisfaction with any job we do.


The pleasure of getting a new dishwasher is often followed by the frustration of installing it. New and sophisticated energy-efficient dishwashers that save water and electricity are more advanced in their functions. However, improper dishwasher installation may flush your new investment down the drain. Things can go bad, and if you have no experience in plumbing, the odds of damaging the new dishwasher may increase. Installing a new dishwasher is not easy, especially for the first time buyers. Give ASAP a call to install it for you, or assist you in the process.

Well Water Systems

If you have any problems with your well water system, you should have it professionally looked at by ASAP before the problem becomes more severe. Homeowners have found that a professional plumber is the best person to handle these types of jobs. Many jobs might seem easy, but when you start doing the actual work, you may find out that things are a little more complicated than what you had thought. If this happens, it is never too late to call us for help before the problem becomes bigger and more costly.

Sewer Gas Smell

The smell of sewer gas in your home should not be ignored, as it indicates the sign of a plumbing problem. It’s never healthy to breathe sewer gas. The foul smell is hydrogen sulfide, a gas that comes from decaying organic matter or sewage. When your home’s plumbing system is working properly, the naturally-occurring hydrogen sulfide is directed up and out of the building through a vent system, which exits through the roof. When you smell this gas in your home, many times it’s the cause of a small problem, such as dried out water seal in a floor drain. Other times it is a sign of a bigger problem, such as a broken sewer or vent stack. Diagnosing this problem can be simple or complicated, depending on the cause of the problem. ASAP will get to the bottom of your problem, call us for a free estimate.

Swimming Pool Plumbing

A typical swimming pool has a number of major components including a basin, a motorized pump, a water filter, drains, return lines, and plumbing piping connecting these components. Chlorine is often the sanitizing agent used in swimming pools, and given the corrosive nature of chlorine, PVC plastic is usually the material of choice for swimming pool plumbing and piping. Whether you are installing a new pool or you need repairs to your existing pool plumbing system, ASAP has the experience and knowledge to access the problem correctly and get you back to enjoying your pool right away.

Gas Lines

When most people have a problem with their gas lines, they rarely think about a plumber. This is because most plumbers are associated with clogged drains and leaky pipes. However, ASAP offers a wide variety of services including Gas lines re-pipe, Gas line repairs, Gas line leak detection. ASAP is experienced in the installation or repair of all your natural gas lines. Our professional plumbers are licensed for the installation or repair of the gas lines for your appliances, including water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, or even your pool heater.

Green Plumbing

Green Plumbing focuses on changing consumer and plumbing behavior through the use of energy efficiency and water-saving technologies to promote the benefits of water conservation. The installation of indoor plumbing fixtures that save water or the replacement of existing equipment with equipment that uses less water. Low-flow plumbing fixtures and retrofit programs are a permanent one-time conservation measure that will more than pay for itself over time. It is estimated that a three member household can reduce its water use by 54,000 gallons annually and can lower water bills by about $60 per year if water-efficient plumbing fixtures are used. ASAP can help your home or business be more environmentally friendly, from low-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads to faucet aerators. Let ASAP help you be more green to the planet and put more green in your wallet.

Water Filtration

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? If so, you should consider installing a water filtration system in your home. One type of water filtration system is the point-of-use system. For those homeowners who live in an area where their water supply has a high level of contaminants and chemicals, the point-of-use system may be more beneficial than simply installing a small carbon filter to their kitchen or bathroom faucets. Another option is to install a point-of-entry water filtration system, which is typically installed in the basement and treats all water coming to the home before it's dispersed to any areas that have faucets for running water. Let ASAP discuss with you the best water filtration option for your unique situation.

Grease Traps

Commercial kitchens are required to install grease traps or grease interceptors at any drain where fats, oils or grease can enter the sewer system. Grease traps are installed between the restaurant drain and the sewer line, thereby allowing the oils to be separated, collected and disposed of prior to reaching the municipal wastewater system. When a grease trap is not maintained properly local municipal sewer systems require higher maintenance and costs. If minimum standards are exceeded, commercial food establishments can be fined. Maintenance is an important service that needs to be done on a scheduled basis. Call ASAP to help you.

Commercial Plumbing

ASAP understands that commercial plumbing services are important to keeping you business working and not being inconvenient for your customers. We recognize that you have unique needs as far as flexibility and affordability. With these needs in mind, we offer 24 hour emergency service every day of the year. Our professional plumbers are always standing by for any emergency that may occur. No matter what happens your business is safe with ASAP.

We also offer preventive maintenance plans to fit the size and unique needs of your business. We always offer free friendly estimates and our work is guaranteed. ASAP is an owner/operator business so we understand your need for fast, reliable service at an affordable price.

Restaurant Plumbing

The most important place in a restaurant is the kitchen. If any of the kitchen’s drains, sewer lines or grease traps isn’t working properly, this can severely hamper the daily operation of your restaurant. It is important these lines are properly maintained so that there are no complications during business hours. In some cases, restaurants are shut down by the health department for health and safety reasons.

Grease Traps are designed to block most greases and solids before they enter your waste water disposal system. With a grease trap installed you prevent these solids from entering the sewer line and causing a blockage or a back-up. Many cities require restaurants to install grease trap to keep oils and solids from entering the city sewer lines. ASAP is experienced at installing and repairing your restaurant’s grease trap, to keep your business open and your profits flowing. Let our experts at ASAP design a preventive maintenance program to meet your restaurants special needs.

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